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Root canals provide a safe and effective way to preserve an infected or damaged permanent tooth. At Empire Dental Group of New Jersey, Alla Pavlushkin, DDS, and the team perform root canals on-site, using advanced treatment techniques and local anesthesia. To schedule an appointment for a root canal at our Old Bridge, NJ practice, call to speak with a member of the administrative staff or book online today.

FAQs About Root Canals Old Bridge, NJ

What are root canals?

Root canals are a type of endodontic treatment that addresses damaged or infected tooth pulp. The pulp is a soft substance that contains blood vessels and connective tissue. It helps your permanent teeth grow but isn’t required for their long-term survival. By removing your pulp, Dr. Pavlushkin can prevent the need for an extraction, preserving your smile for years to come.

What issues can root canal therapy treat?

Dr. Pavlushkin and the team use root canals to treat damaged or inflamed tooth pulp. Common sources of pulp damage include:

  • Deep decay
  • Chipped or fractured teeth
  • Getting hit in the mouth
  • Undergoing a series of dental procedures on a single tooth

If you regularly experience toothaches, or your gums appear swollen or red, don’t wait to seek professional help.

What does a root canal procedure involve?

Root canals are an outpatient procedure that typically takes between 60-90 minutes.

At the beginning of your appointment, Dr. Pavlushkin conducts an oral exam, reviews your dental health history, and asks about your symptoms. She also takes oral X-rays to determine the extent of the damage or decay affecting your tooth.

Next, Dr. Pavlushkin administers a local anesthetic. Once you’re relaxed and comfortable, she creates an access point in your tooth and carefully removes the damaged or infected pulp. Dr. Pavlushkin rinses the center of your tooth with a cleansing solution and fills it with a rubber-like material called gutta-percha.

When the gutta-percha dries, Dr. Pavlushkin takes impressions of your tooth and sends them to a dental laboratory that makes a permanent crown. In the meantime, she applies a temporary crown to your tooth and sends you home with a list of recovery instructions.

After the lab completes your permanent crown, you return to the office. Dr. Pavlushkin removes your temporary crown, conducts an exam to ensure you’re healing properly, and bonds your new custom crown to the top of your tooth.

What is recovery like after root canal treatment?

Following a root canal, it’s normal to experience some swelling, mild discomfort, and increased sensitivity. To limit the pain, apply a bag of ice to your cheek or take over-the-counter pain medication. For the first 24-48 hours, eat soft foods like scrambled eggs and soup. Continue to brush and floss, but do so gently around the treated tooth.

To learn more about root canal treatment in Old Bridge, NJ, request a consultation at Empire Dental Group of New Jersey. Book an appointment online or call (732) 607-0909 to speak with a member of the administrative staff today!

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