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Mouthguards are essential oral appliances that provide protection, comfort, and peace of mind. They come in various types, each catering to specific needs and preferences.

If you are involved in contact sports or grind your teeth (bruxism), a mouthguard is vital to your oral health. Wearing a custom mouthguard not only shields teeth from impact during sports but also helps alleviate the adverse effects of teeth grinding, such as worn-down teeth and jaw discomfort. Our family dentist in Old Bridge, NJ, Dr. Alla Pavlushkin, provides custom fitted mouthguards and nightguards to protect your teeth during athletic activity or to combat night-time teeth grinding.

Types of Mouthguards

Premade Mouthguard

Premade mouthguards are readily available, usually in standard sizes. While they provide some level of protection, they lack customization for individual mouths and may not offer an ideal fit. They are often more suitable for short-term use or recreational activities.

"Boil-and-Bite" Fitted Mouthguard

"Boil-and-bite" mouthguards are partially customizable. They are made from a thermoplastic material that softens in hot water. After boiling, you bite into the softened material to create an impression that somewhat conforms to the shape of your teeth. While these offer a better fit than premade ones, they may still lack the precision of a custom-made mouthguard.

Custom-Made Mouthguard

Dr. Pavlushkin highly recommends custom-made mouthguards due to their superior fit and protection. These mouthguards are crafted specifically for your mouth using a mold or impression. The custom-fit ensures optimal comfort and protection, making it ideal for various situations, including teeth grinding at night.

Caring for Your Mouthguard

Proper care is crucial for maintaining the hygiene and longevity of your mouthguard. After each use, rinse the mouthguard thoroughly with water. Gently brush it with a toothbrush using a mild soap or toothpaste to remove bacteria. Allow the mouthguard to dry before storing it in its case. Regular cleaning prevents bacterial buildup that could lead to infections or bad breath.

Empire Dental Group offers custom-made mouthguards to protect your teeth during athletic activity 

and to help combat the effects of night-time teeth grinding. 

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