8 Signs You Need to Visit an Emergency Dental Hospital

emergency dental hospital

According to the World Health Organization, oral diseases affect nearly 3.5 billion people globally today. The health and economic burden of conditions such as gum diseases affect about 10% of the global population. However, given the wide range of types of oral diseases, most people don’t realize they need to see a dentist until the situation worsens. 

Have you been shrugging off that persistent toothache with the hope that it will subside over time? Such actions can lead to serious long-term consequences. These eight signs are sufficient indicators that you need to visit an emergency dental hospital. 

Read on to learn more about the common signs of serious dental diseases. 

Signs That You Need Emergency Dental Hospital Services

Your teeth play three essential functions. These roles include smiling, talking, and eating. If you ever develop severe tooth-related issues, managing either of these critical functions may be impossible.

The bad news is that failure to access urgent dental care can curtail your routine life-related activities. However, the good news is that with emergency dental help, you can resume normalcy within no time. 

Here are eight signs that you need to visit an emergency dental hospital. 

1. You Have a Swollen Jaw

Most people assume that a swollen jaw is a common dental issue. However, a swollen jaw can be indicative of severe infection. Salivary gland infections are among the most common causes of swollen jaws. Such swollen jaws may also come with a bad taste in the mouth, trouble breathing, and mouth dryness.

If you have a swollen jaw, it may be time to look for the nearest dentist. Such infections may cause a blockage in the salivary glands. It would be wise to seek professional intervention to ensure that nothing remains untreated inside your mouth.

2. Bleeding Gums

Almost everyone experiences instances of bleeding gums at some point in life. Some of such cases may be due to minor injuries when brushing your teeth. However, if situations of bleeding gums gradually become familiar, these might be an early indicator of gum disease.

Gum disease or gingivitis can have severe implications on dental health if you fail to seek urgent attention. It would be best to visit an emergency dental hospital if you notice the onset of recurrent bleeding gums. This can help you avoid any irreversible future consequences of bleeding gums. 

3. Canker Sores That Won’t Get Better

This sign is not as common given that most canker sores heal on their own soon enough. Nonetheless, when canker sores in your mouth seem to last longer than you would consider normal, it’s a sign that all isn’t well. 

Canker sores have a high affinity for infections. As such, having canker sores that may potentially develop infections is something to worry you. You can ask around for a dentist near you during such instances to offer timely interventions.   

4. Tooth Numbness

Tooth pain and tooth numbness are different. While tooth pain can be a passing concern caused by minor injuries, numbness is an indication of a more severe matter. If that toothache becomes tooth numbness over time, you should visit a dentist as soon as possible.

Tooth numbness may indicate injuries to the vessels and nerves around your teeth.  If a numb tooth is not treated, it might begin to die. This forms the reason for the need to treat numbness around the teeth as a matter of urgency. 

5. You Have Got a Dental Abscess  

Sometimes a collection of pus forms inside the teeth.  Such pus may also form around the gums or in the bone. This condition relates to a dental abscess. 

A dental abscess is often a result of bacterial infections inside the mouth. It may either be at the end of the tooth, also called periapical ulcer, or around the gum, which is periodontal abscess. Either of these conditions may pose severe health risks and require urgent dental care. 

6. You Have a Loose Tooth

Loose teeth during adulthood is not a good sign. If you are an adult and you have loose or wiggly teeth, you might be in trouble. One you reach adulthood, your teeth should have matured enough to hold on sturdily.   

When you notice wiggly teeth even if there’s minimal pain around such teeth, it will help to visit a dentist immediately. Loose teeth often indicate a probable injury. Visiting an emergency dental hospital is the best solution in such instances.  

7. Metal Taste in the Mouth 

This can be one of the most unsettling feelings ever. Metallic taste in your mouth whenever you swallow saliva may be an indicator of a more deep-rooted concern. This often affects individuals that have had metal fillings in the past.

If you begin to experience a metallic taste in your mouth, it might very well mean that such filings are cracking. It would be best if you had emergency attention from a dentist near you to correct the situation. Without urgent intervention, you could be susceptible to cavities and infections.  

8. You Are Experiencing Severe Toothache

Nothing is more frustrating than having to deal with a toothache that won't go away. If the severity of the pain increases over time, then this could be a red flag. Most cavities start with minor aches that are on and off.

While you may get relief for such minor pains through medication, severe dental pain might require an urgent visit to an emergency dental hospital. You can access a few options from reliable dental hospitals if you search for a dentist near me online.  

It would help if you didn't try to contain such severe toothaches using over the counter painkillers. Going that route may only make a bad situation worse. Visiting an emergency dental hospital can ensure you get quick and reliable solutions. 

Visiting an Emergency Dental Hospital Is the Best Option 

If you have noted any of these signs, it may be time to consider an urgent visit to an emergency dental hospital to get the necessary care. 

You can search for an "emergency dental clinic near me” online to get urgent attention from our team of experts in no time.   

Are you looking for a reputable emergency dental hospital near you? Contact us today. 

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