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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry in Old Bridge NJ


Cosmetic Dentistry is comprehensive oral care that also combines art and science to improve dental health, aesthetics and function. It can be any type of dental procedure that enhances the patient’s overall appearance and their self-confidence.


In the past decade there has been dramatic advancements made in cosmetic dentistry. Thanks to these advances in modern cosmetic dentistry, we are able to improve the look of teeth and smiles with quick, painless and surprisingly affordable treatments.


Cosmetic dental treatments at Empire Dental can:


  • Lighten or brighten the color of teeth.
  • Change the size, shape, and alignment of teeth.
  • Fill in unattractive spaces between teeth.
  • Replace old, unattractive dental treatments.
  • Improve or correct bites.
  • Repair decayed, broken, cracked, or chipped teeth.
  • Replace missing teeth.

Cosmetic dental treatment options that are available today include Whitening, Bonding, Contouring, Dental Bridges, Veneers, Cosmetic Reconstruction and more!


  • Bonding
    • The process whereby a dental composite (enamel-like) is applied to the surface of the tooth, and then sculpted into shape, hardened and polished.
  • Contouring (also known as tooth reshaping)
    • The process improves the appearance of the tooth, and is the procedure that can correct crooked, chipped, cracked and even over-lapping teeth in just one session.
  • Dental Bridges (also known as false teeth)
    • The process uses pontics, which are fused between two or more porcelain crowns in order to fill in the area left by a missing tooth.
  • Veneers are ultra-thin, custom-made laminate that are used to bond directly to the teeth and are often the option for closing gaps or disguising teeth that do not respond well to whitening.
  • Gum Lift is a procedure that raises and sculpts the gum line and involves reshaping the tissues and/or underlying bones in the mouth, in order to create the appearance of longer or more symmetrical teeth.

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