When Do Dentures Need to Be Replaced Instead of Repaired?

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Many people might be wondering if they need a denture replacement. It can seem impossible to know if you need a replacement instead of a repair, but it is not that difficult. Look for signs that you need to replace your dentures. Then a general dentist can begin the replacement process for you. Your dentist can get your new dentures ready quickly, so you can resume normal activities.

Signs that the top and bottom dentures need replacement

There are several signs people should look for when wearing dentures. These signs indicate that it is time to replace the dentures. It is critical to replace dentures quickly. Failure to do so could cause problems in eating and also lead to sores in the mouth. Replacing the dentures restores the function of the teeth while making people more comfortable.

Poor fit after several denture relines

Dentures do not stimulate the jaw bones, so eventually, people experienced bone loss. This causes the dentures to fit poorly. Dentures can be relined when this happens. However, after several relines, people should get new dentures instead of getting them relined. At this point, the mouth has changed significantly, so new dentures need to be fabricated.

Severe fracture

Dentists can repair small chips and cracks in dentures. However, severe fractures cannot be properly repaired. If large fractures are repaired, the dentures are usually not as strong and the bite can be impacted. When dentures have large fractures, they need to be replaced.


Dentures are prone to staining and discoloring, even when the wearer properly cares for them. Stained and discolored dentures look less natural. People often feel uncomfortable wearing dentures that do not look as natural. If a denture rebase does not correct the issue, people should consider a replacement.

Trouble eating

The biting surfaces of dentures can wear down over the years. This makes it difficult to eat. When people notice it is hard to chew food properly, it is time to replace the dentures. Getting new dentures will make it easier to chew the food and eat. The biting surfaces will be sharp and able to tear food properly.

Dentures that are past the natural life span

Dentists usually try to fix dentures during the first several years. However, dentures are only expected to last for 5-8 years. The bones experience many changes during that time and dentures also wear out. Patients should consider getting new dentures after the natural life span. Many are surprised by how much better the new dentures feel.

Do you need a denture replacement?

Consider getting a denture replacement if you have a poor fit after several relines or your dentures are fractured or discolored. You also need a repair if you have trouble eating with your dentures or if the prosthesis has lived past its natural life span. Talk to a general dentist about your options. If you need a new set of dentures, the dentist will take impressions and have your new dentures fabricated.

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