The Many Roles of a Dental Crown

Placing dental crowns has become one of the most productive procedures in dentistry. They  can support your oral health in many ways, and they look and function just like your healthy, permanent teeth.

A dental crown is a tooth-shaped cap that sits on top of the foundation of your permanent tooth or a dental implant to restore your oral function and give you a confident smile.

Alla Pavlushkin, DDS, Steven Reff, DDS, and our professional dental team at Empire Dental Group in Old Bridge, New Jersey, have the expertise and experience to provide dental crowns for your tooth restoration needs.

The purpose of a dental crown

A dental crown can support, protect, and enhance your oral health in the following ways:

A dental crown might be right for you if you have a tooth that needs protection, restoration, or an appearance improvement. Dental crowns are durable and can last many years when properly cared for.

The process of getting a dental crown

To get a dental crown, you need to visit our office two times.

First visit

At your first appointment, we take X-rays to see underneath and beneath your tooth. We make sure your tooth roots and surrounding bone are strong enough to support your new crown. 

We then numb the targeted area to reshape your permanent tooth that’s receiving the crown. Once we complete the reshaping, we take an impression of your tooth to create your crown.

The last step involves placing a temporary crown on top of your prepared tooth to protect it while your crown gets made.

Second visit

When you come in for your second procedure, we remove your temporary crown and place your permanent crown over your reshaped tooth. 

Once we place your crown and ensure a comfortable fit, we use a special glue to seal it in place, making it a permanent fixture in your mouth.

Your new dental crown fully encases the visible portion of your tooth and sits right above your gum line. If you get a crown to cover your dental implant, the crown simply attaches to the abutment instead of your tooth.

To find out the many ways a dental crown can support your oral health or enhance your smile, call our team today at 732-607-0909 or book your appointment online.

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