The Many Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

The Many Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening

About 14% of the American population has had professional teeth whitening and that number continues to grow. Why? Because a white smile can boost your self-esteem, and you can get results from the procedure in about an hour. Professional teeth whitening also typically out performs at-home bleaching and you can get results much quicker.

At Empire Dental Group in Old Bridge, New Jersey, Alla Pavlushkin, DDS, and Steven Reff, DDS, lead our dental team with state-of-the-art techniques on how to whiten your teeth professionally. We have the expertise to remove stains from your teeth and elevate their whiteness up to eight shades lighter.

How in-office professional teeth whitening works

When you come in for your teeth whitening treatment, you first comfortably lay back in our dental chair. We take several steps before starting your treatment, including:

To whiten your teeth, we apply a safe and effective, professional-grade whitening solution to each individual tooth. We use a harmless chemical called carbamide peroxide, which penetrates your enamel and gives you long-lasting results.

We may use a laser to activate the peroxide and get your teeth as white as they can be. The solution sits on your teeth for 30-60 minutes, depending on the chosen brand used.

Once your teeth have reached their optimum shade, you can rinse your mouth and enjoy your new, beautiful smile. It only takes about an hour to transform the color of your teeth with professional teeth whitening.

We also provide an at-home kit that can help you maintain the benefits of your in-office results.

How at-home professional teeth whitening works

If you choose to forgo the one-hour treatment in our office, or if you simply want to keep the whiteness of your teeth after your in-office visit, we also provide a take-home option for you. 

First, we take an impression of your teeth to create personalized trays. Once your trays are ready, you can pick them up from our office. 

We supply you with our professional-grade bleaching solution and a syringe that allows you to squirt the bleaching agent into your trays. You then put the trays in your mouth. We recommend that you wear them a few hours a day when it’s convenient for you until your teeth reach the shade of white that you like.

Benefits of professional teeth whitening

The popularity of professional teeth whitening continues to grow because of the advantages it offers, including:

When you allow our team to provide professional teeth whitening solutions, you have the advantage of being carefully monitored during the whitening process, and we also give expert guidance if you choose our professional at-home option.

To schedule an appointment to have our team professionally whiten your teeth, call our friendly staff today at 732-607-0909 or book your visit online.

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