General Dentist vs. Family Dentist: Is There a Difference?

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There are many reasons why you might be considering switching from a general dentist to a family dentist. Perhaps you have moved to a different town, or maybe you are starting to go to the dentist for the first time in several years. Whatever the reasons are, you might be wondering what the difference between a family dentist and a general dentist is. Read on to learn what the difference is and how to choose the right dentist.

What is a general dentist?

A general dentist goes through several years of education before opening up a practice. Usually, this includes at least three or four years of undergraduate education, as well as four years of dental school beyond that. A general dentist’s goal is to help patients maintain healthy smiles.

General dentists usually restrict the ages of patients to a certain range. For example, a general dentist may not see patients who are under the age of 16. Teens and children have specific dental needs that a general dentist may not feel qualified to treat. This can present a problem for individuals who have younger children. General dentists can offer many different types of services. Besides normal cleanings, general dentists may also offer:

  • Root canal procedures
  • Tooth extractions
  • Invisalign
  • Crowns
  • Bonding
  • Dentures
  • Veneers

For patients who need more specialized care, general dentists can work with other types of dentists so the patient can have all of their needs taken care of.

What a family dentist does

A family dentist is similar to a general dentist in the training received and the services offered. A family dentist must receive an undergraduate degree and go to dental school before opening up a practice. A family dentist offers many of the same services that a general dentist offers. However, the key diffidence between a family dentist and a general dentist is that a family dentist offers services to all different ages. This allows individuals with children to visit one location for dental care instead of visiting several different dentists.

A family dentist also focuses on educating patients on the right way to care for teeth. This can range from teaching an elderly person how to care for dentures to showing a toddler how to brush and floss the right way. This can help everyone to maintain good dental habits outside the office. One of the benefits of visiting a family dentist is that the dentist has experience working with children and calming jitters. This can help children to have a better experience at the dentist’s office.

Visit a family dentist today

A family dentist focuses on ensuring that the entire family has a positive dental experience in the office. A family dentist offers a friendly, relaxed environment for everyone in the family. You and your family do not need to schedule appointments at several different dentists. Contacting a family dentist is the first step in taking care of your oral health.

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