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Root Canal Treatment

Root Canals in Old Bridge NJ


Root Canal is the term used to describe the natural cavity within the center of each tooth. The pulp/pulp chamber is the soft area within the root canal; and the tooth’s nerve lies within the root canal.


Root Canal is also the procedure used to repair and save a tooth that is decayed beyond repair or is infected (which can be the result of a tooth crack, cavity or injury). During this procedure, the dead or dying nerve tissue are removed, and the inside of the tooth is cleaned and sealed to rid it of bacteria from inside the tooth. Without this procedure, the tissue surrounding the tooth can become infected and patient’s run the risk of abscesses forming.



The procedure is not performed for cosmetics, but rather for the health of your mouth. And, since the tooth’s nerve is not vitally important to a tooth’s health and function, the presence or absence of a nerve will not affect the day-to-day functioning of the tooth.