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Orthodontics is a special discipline within dentistry that focuses on correcting the patient’s bite. The word “orthodontics” is made up of the Greek words for “straight or proper” and “teeth,” and the orthodontic treatments we offer in our Old Bridge, NJ office help patients achieve the proper tooth alignment that makes their teeth look better and work better.


An improper bite can result from misaligned teeth, jaw irregularities, or both. Some patients choose the services of an orthodontist for cosmetic purposes, while others have more practical concerns such as the need for clearer speech or a more functional bite. Some of the many other conditions orthodontics can help improve include:

    • Over-jet, or an upper jaw that protrudes over the lower jaw
    • Underbite, in which the lower jaw protrudes more than the upper jaw
    • Overbite, in which the upper tissue of the upper front teeth is bitten into by the lower front teeth
    • Cross-bite, in which some of the upper teeth bite inside the set of lower teeth instead of lining up
    • Crowded teeth that need to be moved apart
    • Spaces between teeth that need to be closed
    • Protruding teeth caused by thumb-sucking in children
    • Teeth that erupt in the wrong position in a child’s mouth and need to be brought into proper alignment



Having straighter teeth that aren’t crowded also makes it easier to practice proper dental hygiene. And of course, many patients find that having a properly aligned smile gives them a better self-image and a major boost to their self-confidence!


The most common orthodontic treatments are:

  • Fixed braces: These are the classic metal or ceramic braces that are affixed to each tooth, with a wire threaded through the braces that the orthodontist adjusts over time to gradually bring the teeth into the right alignment. Once the teeth are aligned, the braces are removed to reveal a beautiful, straight smile.
  • Removable dental appliances: Removable orthodontic devices include retainers, headgear and face masks.
  • Invisalign: Invisalign works basically in same way as the traditional metal fixed braces, but is a removable clear dental aligner that fits over your teeth — so it doesn’t interfere with your eating, and is so discreet that many people may not even notice you’re wearing Invisalign.


* Not all patients are candidates for Invisalign®.


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