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Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Old Bridge NJ


There are many reasons you might need to have oral surgery, from wisdom teeth to a need for implants. If you’re in Old Bridge, NJ and think you might require oral surgery, come to Empire Dental Group to find out how we can help.


Oral Surgery for Impacted Teeth
Most often, the teeth that become impacted and require oral surgery are wisdom teeth. These are the molars that are the last set of teeth to develop, and they commonly fail to align properly or emerge through the gum line. Because they can cause damage to the jawbone, the gums or adjacent teeth if left alone, wisdom teeth often need to be removed via oral surgery to prevent that damage.


Oral Surgery to Correct Tooth Loss
If you have a missing tooth or teeth and want a solution that’s more permanent and stable than dentures, a dental implant may be what you’re looking for. Restoring a tooth through a dental implant involves oral surgery to insert the implant into the jawbone so that it can integrate into the bone, then an anchor is attached to the implant and finally the artificial tooth is attached to that anchor.


Oral Surgery for Jaw-related Issues and Other Conditions
Oral surgery is helpful for correcting several problems related to dental, jaw or facial conditions — including Temporomandibular Joint Disorder (also known as TMJ), unequal jaw growth, cleft lip or cleft palate, facial injury repair, and correction of conditions that cause sleep apnea or snoring. Oral surgery can also help improve the fit of your dentures.


Whether for health, dental or cosmetic purposes, our oral surgery services can help improve quality of life for many patients in the Old Bridge area. Call us today to schedule a consultation.